Saturday Madness

April 24, 2013
It was a normal Saturday. I popped the laundry to the washing machine as soon as I woke up and proceed to chat with my brother and sister. Duckie woke up just in time to hang the clothes, while I went on to order breakfast from McDonald's. By 11AM, we finished breakfast and I was just hanging around surfing and browsing(online shopping if you may). Well, I did some housework and folded some jackets. But that's about it. Duckie was the busy one as he was fixing the playroom to be converted into the nanny's room plus a small storage space for Mamon's stuff.

By 12PM, I had this urge to pee. Then boom. Our lives changed. I saw a small spot of fresh blood. Quickly called Duckie and he said ok let's have it checked. We quickly got dressed. Called a cab. We were at TMC before 1PM.

We went to the Family Clinic but was told to head straight to Labour ward located at the 2nd floor. STAIRS! My greatest nemesis. 

The labour ward staff were quite fast, quickly whisking me to the emergency room and performing CTG. Mamon's heartbeat kept dropping. From the normal 151 to as low as 50 to nothing. At first I was insisting it was the machine. Similar to what happened the other times at the Doc's clinic. But the nurses were firm. No, it can't be the machine. 

They called Dr Loh. Dr Loh said, if it drops again he will need to perform emergency caesarian. It's either we bring out Mamon now or he will bring out a dead baby. It was a moment of total mental block for me. I couldn't decide. I was afraid to let them take him out. He's only 32 weeks old!

There was also the financial concern because suddenly we were being told to decide whether we want to move to KK Hospital. The bill would be cheaper considering that Mamon will definitely need to be put in the NICU being this early.

But how do you weigh in this things during an emergency. Would you have an open mind for decision making?  Duckie is an analytical person so I expected him to require time to process things before deciding. I'm a fast decision maker. Yet. That moment was different. For the first time in my life. I don't have an opinion. I don't have an argument. I don't have any decision. I don't have anything. I was totally blank.

They tell you. Hey the cost is gonna be a bomb here in TMC so better move to government hospital while you still have time. But what time are we talking about? I thought bring out Mamon now or bring out a dead baby? Then you tell me, try KKH, if they don't take you, go SGH or NUH. What the heck? You want me to run around Singapore while thinking that hey Mamon is choking in my tummy? What? What? What? I couldn't think.

They monitored me for at least another 30 minutes, when it dropped again and everything just happened quickly. They prepared me for the emergency c section. In TMC.

It was chaotic. Someone was shaving me, someone was asking me do you want GA, epidural or spinal? Someone else was confirming my details. I was worried about Mamon, I was confused about what was happening. I was worried that I was worried and how Duckie is taking this. Is he ok?

In less than 15 minutes I was in the operating room. I was chilling, I dunno from fear or from cold. The anesthesiologist was the first comforting person I encountered during the ordeal. She quickly said she recommends spinal as I had meal earlier so being awake would be safer for me.

Then she went to proceed with the jab, in less than 2 minutes I couldn't feel half my body then she called Doctor already to perform the operation. I managed to ask where Duckie was. So she called him in. I recall holding Duckie's hand while they took out Mamon. The anesthesiologist was very gentle and comforting during the entire operation. She was like detailing everything that was happening to me because I couldn't feel anything except pulling sensation.

There was so much sign of relief when I heard Mamon's first cry. For the first time that day, I cried. It's like all emotions rushed in and I was just glad I heard him cry. That's he's alive. And strong cry too meaning good lungs.

They quickly cleaned and wrapped Mamon and took him out of the room with Duckie. I was left to be sewed back. That's when I think I drifted to sleep. I couldn't recall what happened after and how I got back to the room.

The next thing I know was that I was in the room with Duckie. And was glad to see he was taking things well.

All things afterwards that Saturday was a bit blurry for me. I remember talking a lot but I can't recall what and the sequence of events.

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