Shopping Checklist

April 17, 2013
More shopping... but while I'm on bed rest... I can only do online window shopping.. once cleared by Doc will go out to buy these:



Need to have storage for Mamon's clothes. :p


Still haven't decided which style to buy. But so far I'm liking the 2 above.


Friends recommend Pigeon, so for the first few months will try this. :)

Ear Thermometer

Bath  Set,default,pd.html

I couldn't find it on Mothercare SG website, but we did see this product 2-3 weeks ago at the Paragon branch. It comes with thermometer and the Duckie is quite impressed with the shape and bumps (whatever you call it) inside. My sister is suggesting we purchase Safety 1st, but I couldn't find a good bath set here in SG with that brand.

Reusable Diapers

Reusable Inserts

Diaper Care

Can't decide on the brand yet.


Bed Canopy

Will just buy this to decorate the other room.. I want to add color and shapes, to promote healthy mind for Mamon. :)

Infant to Toddler Rocker

Well, not necessarily this design. But a rocker. It's Duckie who insists we need it to keep baby entertained without overtiring the nanny or me.

Ey, this one looks nice:


I still have a LOOOONG list.. Will update as I remember.. :)

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