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April 28, 2013
Okay, because baby came early, we were not prepared. Being not prepared is costly because you don't get to scout for the best prices around. Having had CS I'm not allowed to walk much (emm... I try to but there's just so many things to do).

To help future mums, here are the things I realized I should have prepared:

Nursing Bra

Buy 2 sizes bigger than your current, a cup larger. Although I'm happy with this brand (Emma-Jane), it would have been nice to have a choice of the design. The TMC shop sells this at $61.50 while Mums & Babies sell this at $69.50.

Nipple Cream

Mine came free with the Avent products. It's such a life saver!

Abdominal Binder

2 friends told me I needed one, but only found out on the day of the delivery already. Duckie got this from the TMC pharmacy for about $50. 

Maternity Pads

Ah. What will I do without friends? I didn't know I needed maternity pads. Good thing my friends brought me 2 packs. 

Washable bra pads

Arrggh. I just bought it for $26.50 at Mums & Babies, then now I checked online sites and they sell it for $12.  These are moments when you want to call yourself stupid. Moral of the story: Search online!!!

Nipple Puller

Arg. This one I didn't see coming. The very nice TMC counsellor Lillian gave this to us. Well, she lend it to us but she said it's ok if we don't return it to her. We plan on buying her a new one. Such a nice lady.

This nipple puller helped a lot especially during the first few pumping. The milk just comes out faster when you have it pulled.

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