32 weeks and counting

April 12, 2013
Went for my regular check up last Tuesday and unfortunately we got some bad news. Mamon is smaller than his date. A few weeks smaller. I was advised to eat more. Rest more. He wasn't moving much too. Doc was a bit concerned thus he order a CGT.

Monitoring of the baby's heart rate during labour can be done using a 'Continuous Cardiotocographic machine' (or CTG). This records the baby's heart rate continuously on a piece of paper. Caregivers often refer to the paper recording as a 'trace'. A CTG may also be referred to as fetal monitoring, continuous monitoring, and electronic fetal monitoring (or EFM). [ SOURCE: BIRTH.COM.AU ]

CTG costs about $50 and takes about 45-60 minutes. Baby's heartbeat turned to be normal. Which was a RELIEF!

I was scheduled for 3d/4d scan this afternoon, so I went back to TMC. The scan costs approx  $350-400, but you don't pay immediately because it can fail. Which to my case it did fail. Sad that I don't get to have a 4d scan. Doc says it's better to do the scan at 28 weeks.

It wasn't a total waste because they did a detailed scan on me plus a Doppler Scan because the radiologist was also concerned about Baby's size.

A Doppler is a form of ultrasound scan that's used to assess your baby's health. A Doppler measures blood flow in different parts of your baby's body, such as his umbilical cord, brain, kidneys and heart. [ SOURCE: BABYCENTER.COM.UK ]

The entire procedure plus the attempt for a good 3d/4d took less than 30 minutes. The radiologist gave up because she found that I have low amniotic fluid. So I was advised to quickly meet up with Doc the same day.

And I got a scolding from Doc. He apparently forgot he gave me the go ahead for 3d/4d. He insists I don't need it. Now I worried people. I was given steroids to help develop baby's lungs in case he needs to come out earlier. I had one today and I have to go back again tomorrow for another jab.

The worst thing is that he gave me 1 week hospitalization leave ordering me to REST more. Oh my gee.. I love Mamon and he's my number 1 priority but I pity my team mates. One is going on leave.  He haven't taken in a long time. I feel so guilty. There are many concurrent projects going on. It feels so bad leaving them like this. :(

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