May 18, 2013
I had apprehensions on the required photo for the temporary travel pass of baby by the Philippine Embassy. They didn't say any requirement (if it has to comply with any photo requirement) and I didn't want to waste another visit. Calling is a waste of time. 

The nurses at the NICU told me it has to be royal blue background and must comply with certain requirements and recommended to have his photo taken by the hospital photog. 

After a day of, should I or not? I finally conceded and decided to go for the cheapest package. But I dunno what came over me, I was "sales talked" to buying the Type A Standard Package. After 10 minutes I went back and said I wanted the passport package only but they couldn't refund my money because I used credit card. Gosh. I felt so cheated. I thought I should have just purchased $68 package then pay extra $10 for the soft copy then decorate it whatever way I want. Printing by Kodak will cost less than $1. Ayayay! Waste of money! 

The lady said at least I get a BabyU Voucher which on the passport package is just a discount. I dunno if it's true. I sent an email to BabyU last Friday but no reply till today. Ayayay. Moral of the story: Think think think before you swipe.

What's done is done. So on Friday, Mamon had his first photo ops.

This is the device they used for the photo ops. Mamon was made to wear a blue swaddle and the photographer took about 10 minutes to take multiple shots. She didn't make me chose. Hope they pick a good shot. I get to take the hard copy on Monday 11AM. Let's see. :)

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