Day 13

May 03, 2013
There are good days and there are bad. NICU was overcrowded with babies today. It's like baby boom in SG. And unfortunately for us parents, we had to see our kids in the NICU. 

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Overcrowded means chaotic. Chaotic means not a relaxed environment. And somehow I felt my baby felt it because he didn't seem relaxed. In fact, he was restless and rarely smiled. Often, nakakunot noo. Especially when the other kids are screaming. He was moved away from Yiyi. I dunno if it has affected his mood too. I dunno if my mood also affected his mood.

I was personally not feeling very good today. Felt luck was not on my side. I was also feeling the financial pain already. I just paid the credit card and I had to swipe again to pay doc again. I wish I'd win Toto! As I was computing the bills, I was very depressed but stopping myself from crying because if I cry I'll have runny nose then I cannot visit Mamon. 

But when I entered NICU and saw the chaos plus Mamon's uncomfy look. Often looking like on the verge of crying. Ah, I cried with him. I wish I can take him home. At home he will have peace. 

Mamon gained 35g again and he's leveled up to 29ml. Hopefully, today we will receive another good news! We desperately need to go home.

Baby please grow up fast. Lord, please make my baby healthy and make him gain weight fast.

My instagram update: i gained another 35g making me 1.410kg! now on 29ml milk! there are so many new kids so they moved me in the corner. bit sad. plus all the screaming is making me uncomfy. #powerofprayers

Add: My luck was so terrible today that I didn't even get peace even at the waiting lounge because the uncle fixing the vendo was very noisy. He was chatting on his phone while making all the noises fixing the machine. Going home was also a series of bad luck. No cabs, so we called for one (Arrgh the charge!). The cab was 30 minutes late. When we wanted to cancel Duckie couldn't find the booking because it lapsed already then the cab arrived just when another green cab arrived. Talk about luck. And the CTE was jammed. 2 accidents. Duckie said don't stress. It will affect the milk. :(

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