Day 14

May 04, 2013
They moved Mamon again. This time out of the NICU and to the room next door. I guess NICU is overcrowded already that Mamon and 3 other kids had to be moved.

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It's mixed emotions having moved him to the other room. My doc sis says it's unfair. It could be more exposure to germs because its outside NICU. Rate is the same.

But personally I prefer him here. It's less crowded. Nurse rate 4:1 but at least auntie has a very soothing voice. More motherly. The place is well lighted too. Felt healthier than the NICU. Less baby screams too. 

Mamon's best progress today is the little sounds he makes. I heard him more than 5x today. Awesome feeling!

He gained another 35g today. Making him 1.440kg. Just found out that we need to wait till he's 1.8kg before he can move out of the incubator and 1.9kg before he can start learning to suck. About 2kg then he can probably go home. So I guess it's still a month.

My instagram update: "smile, it will make u look better. pray, it will keep u strong. love, it will help u enjoy life more." i'm almost there! 1.440kg! 29ml milk. keep praying for me! #powerofprayers

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