Day 15

May 05, 2013
Mamon celebrated his 2nd week birthday. Unfortunately, he gained only 10grams today. They moved him again. This time back inside NICU to his original location. 

Image source: pinterest

He bonded with Daddy today. Spending time with him on both 5-6 and 8-9 visiting hours. Eyes wide open, little sounds, kicking and squirming all the time. He's small but terrible indeed. He may be the smallest in the NICU but he's definitely the most active. He moves around a lot that from vertical he goes horizontal on his incubator. Stop moving too much baby conserve energy for weight gain.

My instagram update: hey doc! please stop shifting me. i'm getting dizzy and its affecting my weight gain. i gained 10g today making me 1.450kg. i'm now on 30ml milk. tom doc says she will give me more mct oil. #powerofprayers

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