Day 20

May 10, 2013
Oh my gosh! It's mommy's first time to hold Mamon in her arms. I felt like crying but at the same time holding it back knowing that if the nurse interpret it as colds then she could take him away.

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Mamon smiled a LOT at mommy. He felt so heavy at 1.650kg. Mommy is soooo in love with you baby.

A bit on the bad news is that doc said he's a little anemic so he's taking iron meds plus he has heart murmur so he's under observation. He may need to be scanned to make sure no problem with his heart.

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Murmurs are pathologic heart sounds that are produced as a result of turbulent blood flow that is sufficient to produce audible noise. Most murmurs can only be heard with the assistance of a stethoscope ("onauscultation").
functional murmur or "physiologic murmur" is a heart murmur that is primarily due to physiologic conditions outside the heart, as opposed to structural defects in the heart itself. Functional murmurs are benign (an "innocent murmur").[1]
Murmurs may also be the result of various problems, such as narrowing or leaking of valves, or the presence of abnormal passages through which blood flows in or near the heart. Such murmurs, known aspathologic murmurs, should be evaluated by an expert.

My instagram update: 1.650kg! another 40g. doc found murmur on my ❤ so i need to have it checked. i'm also anemic so i need iron meds (kala ni momi mestiso me). cannot increase my 33ml milk because doc is afraid my ❤ can't take it. continue praying for me! #powerofprayers

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