Day 25

May 15, 2013

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Baby was sleeping at my 5pm visit. He didn't wake up even when I cuddled him. But at the 8pm visit he was wide awake and he wanted to be noticed. At first I cuddled him then passed to hubby since he might want the experience (haha). Then I took him again when he won't stop fidgeting. And hey, he wanted me to stand. He was restless when I was sitting down. Uh oh.

After a while, he started getting uncomfortable again. We thought he was getting cold because he sneezed twice. So we put him back to the cot, then he started crying. Wow. He can CRY! And then aha! He wanted the pacifier! And boy can he suck! We were so happy. It was our first time to see him suck the pacifier and it's his first step to bottle feeding. Oh my, what a precious amazing moment.  

Instagram update: ayayay! 1.830kg na kami! at ang lakas lakas na po namin magcry. #powerofprayers

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