Day 27

May 17, 2013
I can almost smell home!!!

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I got to try to change his diapers today. Wow. Poooppooo! How can a small baby drinking only 39ml milk poop that much? Poor baby got diaper rashes.

We were a bit concerned that when we came back for the 8pm visit he appeared to be chilling. They checked his temperature and found it to be normal. But he was really shivering. The nurses kept saying it's normal. But I found it disturbing.. just waiting for doctor's call and I will confirm again.

Yesterday, I asked doctor for baby's eye condition. If he can see or if he has any problem because his baby NICU neighbor have some sort of eye problem due to the exposure to the oxygen. But doc said baby don't have cataract and without it they just assume that baby can see. Thorough test will have to be done later to confirm.

Hey! One major development is that baby is not starting to bottle feed. Once per shift, so that's 3x in a day and on his 1st bottle feeding he finished 39ml in 20 minutes! Way to go Mamon!

My instagram update: let's do the suplado pose! 1.9kg na po kami! nagstart na sya magstudy magbottle feed. 3x a day pa lang tomorrow alternate feeds na! natraumatize si momi sa popo ko. #powerofprayers

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