Mamon's Week 1 of Freedom

May 28, 2013
It's Mamon's first week outside the NICU.We went back to the hospital for his checkup. We were told to be there by 8:30, the card shows that they begin at 09:00. We arrived on time but wow there were so many people. To think that the receptionist last week told us that Tuesday morning is one of the least peak days of the Pedia. Hah, we are still getting used of the chaos.

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The receptionist must have recognized Mamon as he was referred to as the NICU baby. She even told us she will call us first (I think giving us priority because baby is too small).

Mamon had 2 shots of vaccine today. Poor baby, cried with tears. It was my first time seeing him cry with tears. :(

We complained about Mamon's blocked nose and Doc scooped it out with cotton buds. Whoa. Experience! She did it so fast and picked 2 large (for his size) mucus.


Baby snuffles are usually due to the normal mucus that may collect in a baby's nose. Snuffles are not caused by colds or infections - although an infection can make things worse. A baby who just has snuffles will be otherwise well, but may snort when breathing. 

We were also prescribed Sterimar Nasal Hygiene.

As always, doc was always rushing making us forget the questions we had in mind. Next time I will bring in a post it so that I won't forget. Hah!

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