May 01, 2013
Baby needs extra calories to gain more weight but he can't take more milk to get those calories. They compute the milk dosage against his weight plus monitor his tummy. Now although he's steadily gaining weight, it drops to 15g sometimes and he's stuck at 28ml per feeding. Doc now gave him MCT Oil as supplement.

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MCT Oil is a fat supplement that is easily absorbed into your baby’s intestine. [Source: Capefearvalley

MCT oil is made from coconut and palm oils rich in the same nutrients as coconut oil. The difference it is in a liquid which makes it great for salad dressings or mixing with butter to add a richness many people enjoy. Unlike other cooking oils, MCT oils are extremely stable, and do not readily become oxidized. MCT oils also help improve the absorption of vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, converts to energy much faster than regular oils, and metabolizes without bile, which means it will give your gallbladder a rest. It is so nutritious, it is what they put into baby formulas for premature babies. [Source: Truhealth]

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