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May 02, 2013
My Baby's Mini Storage

We turned his toy storage to mini storage of stuff that friends gave, stuff that we bought and stuff that we got as freebies. Woah. He filled up the entire thing and yet we haven't even completed shopping for him yet.

Milking Power

Wow! My biggest achievement so far. 110ml!

Exclusive FBI/SBI Closed Door Sales
Oasia Hotel Singapore
The Courtyard (Basement 1)
8 Sinaran Drive
May 4, 2013


Daddy and I couldn't stop but buy Mamon this shoes. It's only $4.90. 

Tita Mel bought this for Mamon. Lucky little fellow for having a super nice and generous aunt.

Additional Sterilizer

A hand me down sterilizer from my boss' sister-in-law. Although, I already have one at home, it was nice to have additional esp when I go back to work and I need to express milk in the office. I seriously have the best boss in the world.

Gate to Happiness

Everyday as I stand outside this door I feel like it's the gate to my happiness, if not heaven. And the nurse that open and say, "You may come in Mommy" is like an angel.

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