Mole Removal

June 25, 2013
Finally, after years of thinking. I had the courage to go and actually have my moles removed. I have 3 moles in the nose, with 2 that grew just 5-7 years ago. Both are on the right side of my nose and it's a bit itchy and irritating at times. It's also growing so it's becoming annoying.

I went to RCC Amazing Touch in Lucky Plaza. I was 80% sure I wanted to have it removed so when they said they have 50% off on their services. I just went ahead and did it. 

I paid $275 for 2 moles.

The procedure lasted for about 15 minutes.  First they cleaned the area then pricked the moles with a stick then applied the cream. They fanned my face because it was a bit painful (well not painful painful..).  A few minutes later they applied another cream and off I went.

The mole will drop off on it's own 7-14 days later they say.

Okay, let's hope this is all good.

A little note though: the ladies at the shop just presented me with 3 extra stuff when I was paying. A soap, a toner and another I dunno what. Just say no when they insist. Anyway, the treatment comes with another cream for free to be applied morning and evening.

They told me not to wash for at least 3 hours. It doesn't hurt but there's a stinging sensation.


24 hours later: It now looks burned. Nothing inside so definitely the treatment killed the mole. Just a bit concerned with the smaller mole. Seemed like they put so much cream that the scar is bigger than the mole (or at least how it first appeared). It looks like dried wound and not a mole anymore. Can't wait for it to fall off.

6 days later: The big one (upper mole) dropped off leaving a wound like hole. No pain whatsoever.  The small one which was flat is still attached.

7 days later: The small mole dropped off. A bit of a sting but all good. Now waiting for both wounds to heal and hopefully leave no scar if not minimal.

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mfaithr said...

Hi, what happen now? Did it leave scar?

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