Overactive Let Down

June 10, 2013

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A baby who gets too much milk too quickly, may become very fussy, very irritable at the breast and may be considered "colicky". [Source: Pediatrics]

They refer it to breastfeeding but I'm not sure if it's applicable to bottle feeding. We moved Mamon to Level 2 last Monday and he was drinking quite well. He doesn't choke or wriggle. In fact, he seemed happy and contented with the speed. He was a bit tired looking with Level 1.

But we noticed he became too noisy. He strains, groans, moans. His breathing became heavier too. Add that he farts so frequently.  Sometimes he looks like he's in pain, other times he doesn't show any expression.

Yesterday, we brought him back to Level 1 and I noticed he's less noisy today. I don't know if it's coincidence or what. Anyway, we will continue to monitor and hopefully it helps him.

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