Aircon Repair

July 17, 2013
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Our aircon stopped working Friday night and our regular contractor was not available till Wednesday.

I called another repair service because we urgently needed the aircon (still fearing the return of haze and of course the heat).

They replaced the capacitor and on the process spoiled our PCB. ($299.60)They came back Tuesday to replace the PCB foc. Unfortunately, last night the aircon at the guest room was not working again. My mom says it doesn't get cold. So Coolserv came back to check again. 

"Check 3 FCU not cold due to CU very dirty. Compressor overhear and cutoff itself. Recommend bring in for chemical service"

And it costs $299. Golly... not torn between having the aircon fixed or just replace it. This LG aircon has been problematic a year after we bought it (4 years ago) and we have spent more than 2k for the repairs already (more that it's original cost). Should we continue to spend money on repairs or buy better brand?

We booked the chem wash from Creation Air instead because they charge only $120. The bad news is that they don't take the unit in so they couldn't do this last Sunday. More bad news for us because they charge $50. It was CHEATING. First of all they didn't tell us they won't take it in. Then they didn't tell us that they need a rainy day to do this. So instead of saving, I now spent extra $50. Talk about CHEATING!

And oh, our aircon is still not working 2 weeks already. :(

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