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July 16, 2013
If you think you fit this role of Fisher-Price® Play Ambassador, send a photo of you and your child with a slogan on why you want to become a Fisher-Price® Play Ambassador to: 

Expectant mothers are also more than welcome to participate! All entries must be submitted before 15th August 2013 and selected candidates will be notified via email on August 31, 2013. Terms and conditions apply. 

What's in store? 

All Fisher-Price® Play Ambassadors will be given $5,000 worth of Fisher-Price® products based on the age of your child. As a Play Ambassador, you are encouraged to help your child play with the Fisher-Price® toys and then blog, tweet, or post on any social media platforms about how your child is learning and enjoying while playing with them. You can also upload images of your child playing to Facebook, Instagram etc. 

All Fisher-Price® Play Ambassador Moms will receive different products for reviews and are encouraged to have play dates with family and friends to share the Fisher-Price® experience. After such play dates, it is encouraged that ambassadors reflect about how they went and what other people have to say about Fisher-Price® products on their social media sites. On top of that, ambassadors will be on featured interviews across various television/print/digital media, talking about the Fisher-Price® Play Ambassador programme and their Fisher-Price® playing journey!

My entry:

(Hehe! I don't have a chance but anyway.. it's fun blogging and it's fun making art stuff.. just not fun posting pictures publicly.)

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