October 08, 2013
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I just had 1 cycle and was delayed on my next cycle. In my mind, it seemed impossible esp that I had to go through IVF last round. But lo and behold! It appears that I am expecting again! All natures help.

Well, I must admit I was surprised and wasn't very pleased. 
- it came too soon, i wanted to give more time to mamon
- it came too soon, how will i explain this to boss?
- it came too soon, i haven't recovered from last rounds expenses (with the nicu stay and all)
- it came too soon, i'm gonna be subject to jokes and ridicule

Everyone I told couldn't believe it
- weh?
- di nga?
- talaga?
- owds?
- puro ka karaw!

I couldn't sleep last night. Here comes insomia, achy arms and headache again.

But it gave me the time to think about my situation.

I prayed for a baby, God gave me Mamon through IVF.

I'm getting old. If I'm gonna have another baby, now is the time. 2 years from now will be a very risky pregnancy and judging from my experience it's not fun.

God knows what is right for us. He gives us even when we don't ask because he knows what is good and what will make us happy.

I pray for strength that I may be able to tell boss. I pray for understanding thats she may understand that accident it maybe, this is still God's blessing. I pray for good health that I may survive it round better than the last one. I pray for good health for the baby that he/she may never experience what mamon had gone through.

Here we go. Again.

And to those asking if it's possible to get pregnant naturally after IVF.... yes.

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Anonymous said...

yey! congrats to you!

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