Wish I can have all those beautiful balloon decorations. But it's just sooo expensive and difficult to do (not to mention time consuming) if to be done (diy).

I'm thinking of buying ordinary balloons with sticks (to make it stand) and some to attach on the walls since we don't have helium either. 

Some fun links I've researched (with main requirement being EASY to follow/make):

Pirate Head Decors

Image source: Pinterest

Pirate Sword Balloons

Arrr! It looks sooo EASY!

Using Ballon Cups and Sticks

For the Balloons, I'm waiting for the reply of Wholesale Balloons Supplier (link) for my query. I plan to order:

1 pack 12” light blue - PHP 330
1 pack 12” white - PHP 330
1 pack 12” black - PHP 330
1 pack 12” red - PHP 330
1 pack 260Q black - PHP 275
2 ribbons - PHP 120
+ shipping

Each pack contains 100 pieces. It's definitely cheaper than here in SG. 

For the backdrop I plan to just line up the balloons to shape like Bucky's color (light blue and white stripes)... I dunno how easy or difficult it'll be. Let's see. :)

Update: 22mar2014, the package has arrived in Bicol! one day shipping indeed considering i finalized the transaction past 3pm the day before!

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