Deniece-Vhong Bruhaha

February 05, 2014
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Obviously, the netizens are pro-Vhong. This isn't exactly normal because the netizens are a bit cruel to celebrities. And they definitely do not condone rape. But, why pro-Vhong? Probably because of the evidences. ABS-CBN is good in making movies and tv shows, but they can't possible doctor every evidence right?

What I don't agree are on the following points:

Karen Davila: If the girl was raped, she should've filed a case. No one is above the law para bugbugin at babuying ang isang tao. Kahit sino pa sya.

Weh? Di nga? If rape happened to you, your sister, your girlfriend or your wife... di ba magdidilim ang paningin mo at makakapatay ka?  If rape did happen... I believe Vhong deserve what he got. Probably, di pa enough yun.

RAPE is a serious matter. If it happened to someone close to you, I doubt it if you would be able to control or restrain yourself. ANGER is a natural reaction. REVENGE is a human reaction. Let's be honest.

But then again.. on this case, it's obviously not RAPE. I wonder how these people can lie on TV when the evidences are glaring. OMG. Where do they get that confidence?

If you're gonna commit a crime, can't you at least do it properly? Here's my problem with Deniece and Cedric:

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  • Hate that the name of my Alma Mater is dragged into this mess. 
  • Motivational speaker? Grabe, it's painful watching you talk.

  • All these happened in a minute including walk from elevator to room to opening door? I mean you saw him sa 2nd floor, so you were planning to meet him downstairs? So nilock mo door? To open a lock itself is already a few seconds if not a minute. I know Vhong is Lastikman but.. grabe naman.

  • Time interval, make it believable. Give Vhong at least 10 minutes upstairs. You thugs should have waited at least 10 minutes before you went up. Patience is a virtue.
  • Elevator camera, Deniece should know that condos have elevator camera. At least pretend to shake or cry in the camera. Why fix your hair and face? Sana nagpowder ka na din.
  • Guards, Deniece should have ran to the guards and cried. She didn't have to talk. Just cry there. Show them you're weak and shaken. At least my witness ka sana!
  • Hija, according to the CCTV, you went down on your own. No friend came to bring you to the pool. 

  • Okay... so hindi mo na nilock yung condo after ng incident? Pero nakuha mong magdala ng bag? And what did the condo security say?
  • Need to pay damages?

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  • Opps. No damage? So what's the 1/2M for?
  • Oy.. wala daw ingay?

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  • Oh, every line is problematic in this statement.
  • Cedric was alone when he went up. 
  • Zimmer was not shown on CCTV, so we can assume he came up before Vhong.
  • Bernice came up after Deniece went downstairs.
  • Duct tape? Is it such a common thing to have at home?
  • Dinamitan sa elevator? The CCTV shows Vhong was already fully clothed and tied in the elevator.
  • 2 lang sila? But the CCTV showed about 6 men.
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  • Deniece is not the official renter. The official renter hindi kilala, no personal relationship with Deniece. Ang bait naman ng Greg na to! Fishy fishy fishy!

I don't get it. If you're gonna lie... you should do better. If you plan on committing a crime, shouldn't you plan it better? Di naman sila amateurs since di naman ito ang first time nila to commit this kind of crime. Or.. akala lang nila stupid ang madlang pipol?

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