Free Fish and Chips!

March 27, 2014

I received this message from Line Shopping last weekend. It was free and was worth a click or 4 (for that matter- haha!)

I kept receiving failed until finally I gave up but few minutes later I received 16 sms confirming mg Qoo10 voucher! How lucky!!!

Free fish and chips (4) and grilled dory (4) from Manhattan fish market!!! Just when I'm craving for fish and chips daily!!! I didn't claim the other 8 since There was no one to give it to. Next time maybe I'll make a post and send it to the 1st commenter? Haha!

So here's our dinner tonight, lunch and dinner tomorrow!

It's free so I shouldn't be complaining plus it was take-away so it wasn't hot anymore adding probably to the negative points.

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