Hormones and what not

March 04, 2014

The thing is that I know the difference between hormones and what not. So please don't blame my hormones everytime I get outbursts because it could just very well mean that I've had it with you. 😊

Well, ok. Hormones make my patience shorter. But I don't burst out unprovoked.   My usual self would just brush it off and let you be. You're happy being a bully then fine. Go bully. I don't mind. But with my hormones... arrrrrrrh! 

An info that wasn't meant for
me accidentally reached me last night. Well, I can't force people to like me. The same way I can't be forced to like anyone. It's life.

I must admit though that it did sting a bit. Crap! You couldn't even tell me that yourself? Sakit nun ha.

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