Jake and the Neverlands Costume

So my sister volunteered to have her dressmaker make Daniel's costume. And after 2 weeks, I finally got to see it through Facetime. It was HORRIBLE!!!! How can Jake's costume be BLACK??? It's supposed to be BLUE? Is the dressmaker some sorta color blind? And my sister has to pay again to create the costume again?! HORRIBLE!!!

I'm so NOT RECOMMENDING ChynCho Crafts!!!! Don't buy at ALL COST!

And so today.. I ended up ordering on Disneystore.com... Hoping that it can arrive in Singapore before Daniel's Birthday... ohh.. I can't explain how pissed I am with ChynCho Crafts!

Image Source: Disneystore.com

Update: 22 MAR 2014 : Oh my gosh! The costume has not yet reache Vpost office in the US. How slow can UPS be considering it's just within US!!!

Update: 27 MAR 2014 : My mom arrived in SG carrying the costumes made by Chynn ChoCrafts

Here's the black costume. Ok to be fair, it doesn't look so bad except that I didnt want any ordinary pirate. I specifically asked for Jake.

My sister paid her again to make the pants and jacket (stubborn sis! told her not to pay because it's not her fault). Here's the blue Jake pirate. The head gear is a bit big but I can adjust it. The shoes is too small. I doubt if it can used. The rest are a bit big but Mamon can adjust on it.

Update: 31 Mar 2014. Finally the package from Disney store arrive. Double the price haha! Imagine I paid only about $55 for the entire package but vpost cost me $58!!! Haha shopping in the US is cheap but shipping gets all your savings and more.

I'm impressed with the quality!!! I guess nothing beats the original right? The pants is super big for Mamon. I have to think about it if I'm gonna let him wear it. The head gear fits perfectly but it looks funny and doesn't look like Jake. I guess I'll have to use the head gear from ChynCho.

Oookay!!! Costume is ready!!!

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