Pirate Accessories

A friend lives near Divisoria and she has agreed to scout for pirate goodies for me!!! Oh my golly! 

Choices choices choices! I wish I went with her and her super sweet bf!!! 

These swords looked fantastic and cheap at php 35 (sgd $1) a piece!

After discussing with her, I settle for 15 of this Pirate set. the set  contains an ax, a hook, a telescope, eye patch, ring and a bandana all at php 60 ($1.70)!!! What a bargain!!! Goodness!!!

Thanks Jovy and Kirk for going to Divi to buy stuff for Mamon's birthday!!! Love love love!

So Avast me hearties!!! Prepare for a very cool pirate party!!!

Update: 06 APR 2014 : So we figured out what the 2 extra pieces were for. One is an earring and the other is a necklace chain. We made a little DIY for the chain. Read here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I'm also looking for pirates costumes and accessories, may I ask where is this exactly located in Divi? Thank you.

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