Search for MH370

March 18, 2014
image source: channel news asia

The search gets tougher and more draining esp for the families of the victims. 

Finding them becomes more difficult as more time pass by. If they fell to the oceans then they could be very deep now. Moved by currents. If there were survivors, imagine the horror of being outcasts for over a week now. If they were hijacked and/or kidnapped, how horrible must they feel by now.

Yahoo SG tweeted that the flight was carrying 3-4 tonnes of mangosteen. Now how the heck does that help in the investigation? Well, at least the survivors would have a lot of food.

Todayonline tweeted that there's still hope because there was no distress signal, ransom note or anyone claiming responsibility. Well, we sure hope for the best.

ABSCBN tweeted that it was the co-pilot who spoke the final words. Does this make him guilty? Is there a rule that only the main captain can speak to ground controllers? Where was the pilot?

STcom tweeted the plane could have flown as low as 5k feet. Wow, the hijacker sure now who to manipulate the plane and the system (tracking and all).

Yahoo SG says the plane had 30min more fuel after last ping. Ok so they can calculate but which direction?

STforeigndesk last ACARS was at 1:07am. Now I have a serious issue with this. Shouldn't there be a monitoring system to monitor the monitoring system? It should send a beep. Alert the cockpit, the stewards, the nearest ground control or the airline itself.

If suicide, why bother hide in the radars and keep plane flying. Perhaps the pilot was still deciding whether to do it or not? What a long decision making!

If hijacking/terrorism, why is there no one claiming? It defeats the purpose of terrorism.

If piracy, errr... pirates wants loots! They don't want to die.

If political protest, perhaps the pilot was negotiating with Malaysian government the whole time and lost time before getting his demands? Cover up?

If malfunction, why did it turn?

What other theories can we think of? Gazillions!

What did we learn?

1. Live streaming of black box
2. Monitoring of monitoring tool. Send alerts to ground once any of the required tools stop functioning
3. Improve security at the airport (false passport?)
4. Mental and background check for all crew
5. Disable the button that allows pilot or anyone to turn of transponders
6. Install backup transponder for crew to call ground when pilots go crazy

Now. Let's all pray and hope for the best! Hopefully they landed somewhere where they could all still be alive.

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