Pirate piñata - DIY

Still on Project Mamon's 1st Birthday.  I'm planning to DIY . Not the traditional paper mache one (I never really had the artistic skills to create a good paper mache project even in high school hehe), but jut a good 'ol box with design. Planning to put a ribbon that can be pulled to open it and out the surprises!

Here are my design inspirations.

All images from Pinterest

Here's another 20 other Creative Ways to make a piñata.

03 Mar 2014 update: I was just gonna ask a friend for tips on hoe to make one since she always do her kids pinata but she asked if shes gonna do it. So I take it as volunteering? Haha. Assumin (and imposing me!). But she will do it. Yay! Kamsamnida!!!

Watch this page for the actual product hehe

Update: 8APR2014: We made a fun mess! Here's the confetti! [LINK]

Update: 26APR2014: OMG! It's one of the highlights of the party!!!! It was beautiful!!! Thank you Girl!

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