CS 2

May 26, 2014

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The CS was scheduled at 7am Sat so we were told to come to the hospital on Friday 1130pm.

We went to the admission, all papers have been processed earlier except for the $4k deposit which we were not sure earlier because of the insurance policy in my hubby's company. They could have provided Letter of Guarantee. But then they didnt so we still paid deposit.

We booked for the cheapest single room but got a free upgrade to premier room. 

The service was pretty fast. A nurse came immediately to escort us to the room and then prepare me.

No more food and water after 1145pm. Then she shaved me and told me to rest. She came back at exactly 5am to give me pre med and something to clear poop.

At exactly 630am another nurse came to escort me to the OR. I feel weird lying down and lookingn at rhe lights. Like dying.

She pushed me to the recovery room while another nurse came to validate my particulars and while my hubby prepare (with the lab gown and shower cap). barely 10min they pushed me to the OR already.

Another validation of particulars and few chitchats (I think mainly to calm me).

Then the Anesthesiologist came to introduce herself and briefly describe the procedure. Then quickly she injected in my spine. In a few seconds I couldn't feel half of my body.

Then my doctor came and followed by hubby. A few pulling sensations and we were done. I heard the baby cry!

All these were done while the doctor and the Anesthesiologist were chitchatting. When she noticed I was getting bored she offered to sedate me while they were stitching me. In a few seconds I blacked out.

I woke up in the room already.

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