May 17, 2014
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In Facebook, I'm guilty of:
- blocking  : that I hate or those I know hate me or just want to gossip about me
- unfriending  : those that I don't really know but thought I knew thus I might have added in the past, those that I used to know, those that pester me with requests
- restricting  : lately i realized i just can't block or unfriend people because they get hurt. instead i restrict them. they don't see anything but still appear as my friend. i would occassionally post somethig public so they won't suspect i restricted them. (i've become a tupperware?! facebook, what have you done to me?)
- filtering : most of my posts are filtered to either specific individuals, or those marked as close friends, or relatives. usually i post food pictures and share with "all friends". but personal pictures i tend to share with a chosen few.
- hide posts : ah! if only they had this from the beginning! i wouldn't have unfriended a few folks. i would have just clicked hide their posts 

here's an exception though:
- unfriending : because i like and love her a lot that i hated seeing her being ridiculed by many people because of her either bitchy, materialistic or narcissistic posts. i hated seeing her self destruct that i had to "unfriend" her. In order for
me to maintain respect, I had to turn blind and deaf.

The bottom line. Facebook friend doesn't mean real friends. In the same manner that not being Facebook friends doesn't mean not being real friends.

To be perfectly honest, I'd rather have you as real friend than a Facebook friend.

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