Pregnancy Update - Week 35

May 09, 2014

My legs don't hurt as much. Maybe because I don't walk or move so much these days. Not to say lack of trying but more because physically I can't do it. I can't even bend so that I can pick up Mamon while he's lying down his crib.

My officemates don't dare say I'm fat. But a close friend did. "Oh my God Ii! Ang taba mo na!" So ok I'm officially at my heaviest weight ever! I'm now 71.25kg! What a whale!

I hate that I have to pee every few minutes esp that the toilet is a bit far from where I sit on the office plus all those security doors! At home in the eve, it's sooo hard to stand up. I can't carry own weight! I have to roll to the side to be able to get out of the bed to the toilet!

This weekend I gotta go and buy babby bottles and baby stuff for lil Siopao. The poor fella don't have anything of his own yet. Everything is a hand me down from anya Mamon.

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