Child Proofing

August 27, 2014
* Late Post

We started to child proof the house 2 months ago (Mamon was about 15months old).

I purchased most of the safety stuff from because #1 they are cheap #2 its online (i had no time to go out esp during those first few weeks of post birth).

First priority was the table since we have a glass table and Mamon was just about that tall. I bought this foam table edge and liner so he's safe even if he accidentally hit the table.

I bough foam pads for the wall edges. They came with double sided tape and you get to decide the length.

For the outlets, I got these from Kiddie Palace to prevent Mamon from putting his finger into the outlet (he likes to squeeze in his fingers in all holes he sees including our eyes and nose and ears!)

The floor foam mat story is a novel. I couldn't find the letter mat so I purchased these mats from Daise ($2). It was a bargain!

The problem was that it keeps slipping because the latch is only on one side.

I bought these letter foam mat at Toys r Us for ~$50.

I loooved the bright colors! Then the horror story began when Mamon discovered how to remove them. What a mess!  plus the latch is different from the standard so I could just buy any any attach it (because we still have naked floor tiles showing).

I saw the same letter foam mat from Japan Home in Sengkang for just $18. I would have bought it except that the latch would match. I'm thinking of finding the bigger mats. That way there will be less mess (I hope!)

The electric fan cover is really good except its not big enough to cover the entire head of the fan (ours is a bit bigger than standard). Mamon could still get hurt by the back of the electric fan. The hunt for better safety fan cover continues!

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