Pure Love

August 27, 2014
49 days (Pure Love) is one of memorable KDrama that I've seen. Not necessarily favorite but memorable I like the lead actress (Lee Yo Won) having followed her in Queen SeonDeok. In the Korean series, she's the lead.

In the Philippine counterpart, she's (Ysabel) is just second lead to Dianne. Unfortunately, they casted Alex Gonzaga. She's not really likeable. And she looks older than Ysabel (who's supposed to be the elder sister). I would have preferred Janella or Liza.

Anyway, Ysabel is carrying the series. In fact, good chemistry with Dave.

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Whizzer's Rose said...

Not really a fan of alex gonzaga either. That pivotal scene when she had that accident-her reaction when she tried to steer the wheel was so OA. Nevertheless, I like the other actors like Arjo, Marco and the girl who plays Kyla.

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