Spanish Bread

August 28, 2014
Got the recipe from My Sweet Ambitions []

Dough Ingredients 
350g Bread Flour
1/4 cup white sugar + 1T
1t salt
60g butter
2/3c warm water
2/3c warm milk
8g yeast

Filling Ingredients
1/4c bread crumbs
bread crumbs for rolling the bread
1C sugar
1/4c butter

1. dissolve sugar in the milk
2. add yeast
3. rest for 5min
4. on a separate bowl, mix all dry ingredients for the dough
5. add the water in the yeast mixture
6. stir the butter in the yeast mixture
7. combine the yeast mixture with the dry ingredients
8. knead until elastic
9. set aside for 2 hours
10. roll into a log and cut into equal size
11. roll each cut into a circle
12. shape each circle into a rectangle
13. put filling in the center
14. roll into bread shape
15. set aside for 15-30 min
16. bake for 15min at 180c

Here's my shaped dough will rest for another 15-30minutes.

We're ready to go inside the oven!

About 12 minutes later:

It tasted just like what a Spanish bread should taste like except that it didn't look so appetizing. Haha

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