Sponge Cake

August 25, 2014
I accidentally bought the wrong flour. I was thinking of buying cake flour when I picked up sponge cake mix.

Returning it would be troublesome so I decided to just use it and make a sponge cake.

250g cake mix
5 eggs
50g water
50g butter

- mix all ingredients
- beat 8-10 min
- preheat oven at 375
- bake for 15-20min

I used a big tray for it which made the cake thin. I was worried about the bubbles but Milen (my FAB personal baking tutor) said it's fine.

It smelled wonderful! It as baked quickly - less than 15min.

I decided to make another to create a 2nd layer as the cake was too thin.

For the topping, I used whipped cream icing.

2c whipped cream
1/2 t vanilla
1-2 T sugar

Beat till double in size (do not overbeat)

The technique was to keep everything cold. So I placed all my utensils in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before I mafe the cake.

And here's my cake!!! Haha I know it's elementary and not clean and probably not nice. But hey! Not bad for a first timer right?! I'm happy.

The next day I put in some Pororo toys as decor haha.

So here's my baby's 3rd month birthday cake! Taaadaaa!!!! 

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