Marian vs Heart

February 15, 2015
Shoes: M. It's more feminine.
Bridal bouquet: M. Although I like simple things, M's has more life. H's became boring

Reception: Gideon Hermosa did an amazing job. Artistically I would pick M. But if it's my wedding I would pick H. Simply because white and green is refreshing.

Wedding Gown: No doubt M got this. 

Wedding Venue: The island is so enchanting.  But a wedding is a wedding. For God. With this M got this. Ok to be fair H got no choice. She can't get marriend in the church since she's not the 1st wife.

Bride. In robe and in the car. Aura and happiness I would think M is going for the win.

Wedding Invitation: I have an issue with the font used for H and the simplicity of the invite. I'd give this to M

Food menu: Okay, H wins hands down. She got 3 meals for 2 days for guest. 

Hair accessory : I dunno what's up with H's mulawin look. M looked regal in her tiara.

Groom: come on it's not fair. Both are smart. One is handsome the other one is a politician.

The kiss and portrait picture. M.

First dance. M.

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