Marian vs Heart

February 15, 2015
Shoes: M. It's more feminine.
Bridal bouquet: M. Although I like simple things, M's has more life. H's became boring

Reception: Gideon Hermosa did an amazing job. Artistically I would pick M. But if it's my wedding I would pick H. Simply because white and green is refreshing.

Wedding Gown: No doubt M got this. 

Wedding Venue: The island is so enchanting.  But a wedding is a wedding. For God. With this M got this. Ok to be fair H got no choice. She can't get marriend in the church since she's not the 1st wife.

Bride. In robe and in the car. Aura and happiness I would think M is going for the win.

Wedding Invitation: I have an issue with the font used for H and the simplicity of the invite. I'd give this to M

Food menu: Okay, H wins hands down. She got 3 meals for 2 days for guest. 

Hair accessory : I dunno what's up with H's mulawin look. M looked regal in her tiara.

Groom: come on it's not fair. Both are smart. One is handsome the other one is a politician.

The kiss and portrait picture. M.

First dance. M.

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Knowledge Fire said...

It was such an intimate moment and you could really feel the love and energy in the wedding venues NYC. Our ceremony was the most beautiful and romantic ceremony I could have ever expected (and all our guests made sure to tell us they felt the same way once it was over!).

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