PaoPao's Baptism/Birthday & Mamon's Birthday

March 04, 2015
In Progress

To save effort, time and money (on us and visitors haha).... we decided to celebrate 3 events in 1. We will be celebrating Pao's Birthday and Baptism along with Mamon's 2nd birthday.

I started the planning by deciding on the theme, this year it's gonna be Pororo Party, then creating a Pororo Save the Date poster. I have also created a Facebook event to formally ask frieds to Save the Date. :D

St Vincent De Paul

I love this church! Very flexible. Very accommodating. Because it's our 2nd child, and all our godparents are also not first timers, we didn't have to attend the seminar again. Thank you SVDP.


Reception Venue

We decided to have it again at Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa. I just love the space that the POLW gave us thus the decision to have it there again. Mamon also loves fountains.

Ordered from thehappybaker.fran

Inspired by




I've ordered Toddler Packbacks as give away for kids. I'll be putting in some pororo stuff/candies inside.

Supplier: Personalized Picks
Cost: ~$4 (PHP 120) each


PaoPao and Mamon's Church Clothes

Supplier: Carters
Cost: $24.75 (~$35 sgd per kid++)
PaoPao and Mamon's Reception Clothes

Supplier: Carters
Cost: $25.5 (~$36 sgd per kid++)



Favors for Godparents

Supplier: Singsale
Cost: $5 each (~PHP150)

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