We Cafe

April 01, 2015
Not sure if its We or E cafe. This is located at Biopolis.

A colleague recommended this shop. No queue. Healthy. Both criteria uncommon at this area at lunch time. 

I like the place. Quiet compared to the nearby foodcourt.

No queue. Hmm. 

Then... Bamm. My order. Beef lasagne. Paid $14 for this plus lime juice and a piece of small loaf. It was horrible!!! Super salty (is that healthy??) the lasagne was burn that it was sooo crispy. I would have complained that this was soooo small that even a kid would go hungry after an hour or so. But since it was sooo terrible I will have to be thankful it was super small.

To be fair my colleagues who opted for brown rice said their meal wasn't so bad.



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