1st Birthday

May 24, 2015
Image Source: meganfox86.wordpress.com

It's my Paopao's first birthday. He is God's bonus to our family. He came too soon after Mamon. I'm guilty. I felt I didn't welcome him as happily as I did Mamon. In fact, he shook our family. We had a terrible terrible journey. Rough start too because he came out looking like someone I hate and was crying a lot.

But God gives you what he thinks you need. And I needed Paopao. I think he completed our family. He made our family balanced. He made our family perfect. Rough start as it was, now we are perfect. I love him to bits. Equally as I love Mamon. I would not give up either.

I love you PaoPao. I'm sorry for all of Mommy's shortcomings. We have a lifetime to make up for it. I promise to give you all that I got. I love you.

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