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May 08, 2015
I had a productive night last night finishing a few of the art stuff I needed for my kids coming party.


I got these balloons from Online shopping site.

While my mom got the sticks from the Philippines

Main table setting

I'm hoping to achieve this look (source : pinterest)

My mom got the yellow and blue cloth from the Philippines


Need to make banner or mini flags for the table decor... Hmm tic tac tic tac

Update: Cut out simple triangles out of a wrapping paper. Pretty innovative. Lol.

Wall decor

I have printed blockposter of pororo which I haven't finished assembling yet. But that's about all that I have now.... Need a design asap!

Update: Just used the pororo print out and the balloons as the backdrop. Turned out pretty ok.

Table centerpiece

Ayayay!!! No plan yet!!! Need to think asap!

Update: I ended up making activity place mats. Then I purchased colors and pencils from Daiso. 

Pororo Mask

Managed to make the prototype. Me and yaya are impressed with our artwork!

Update: cutting and shaping each mask took about 10-15minutes. But I'm quite happy with the end product. Excited to have our guests try it!


I managed to print the main invite. I'm not very happy with the end result but it'll have to do for now.

Update: I've finished making all invites! Now ready for the distribution!

Sentosa guidelines

Because of some insistent visitors I have no choice but to include Sentosa guideline in the invite. I'm hoping they will get the meaning of the RSVP this time.

Pororo One inch images

Planning to use it as additional decor for the invites. Also planning to make cupcake toppers out of it.


I made 50 cupcake toppers out of these images. Planning to make custaroons and eggless cupcake for the party!

Thank you cards

I finished the thank you cards for the godparents. It was simple. Just as I like it.☺️

Loot bag tags

Again with the issue on guests taking more than one loot bag per kid, this year i've decided to personalize the tags. To ensure everyone gets at least one.


I have customized the tags to the kids names and attached them to the loot bags! Quite happy with the result.

Water bottle labels

Here's the ready Pororo water bottle label that we made. 

Will attach it to the mineral water that we will be getting at the POLW. Outside food and drinks are not allowed so we are ordering it there. It's okay. It's heavy anyway 😜


Last year's pull down pinata was a gift from a friend. They moved out of SG thus I had no choice this year but to do it on my own.

Printed pororo face thru blockposter in 2 a4 wide paper then made the pinata out of a peppero box 😉

Tested it twice and it's working. But pray it does also on the actual day and on the actual time lol 😂

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