Job dilemma

July 20, 2015
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- kindest boss ever. Will I ever find one like her again in the future? Probably not.
- friends. I have made good friends in the 5 years that I've been in the company. Would be sad to leave.
- comfort. I know the people. I know the process. It would be scary to leave behind this comfort zone.
- off in lieu. I've been enjoying my weekday off in lieu's where I can take my boss to pedia or zoo when the crowd isn't so bad. It would be aweful to leave this flexibility.
- unsure where we are headed. Whether we are migrating soon or not. If we are then its better to stick it out here.

- No movement for the last 5 years
- No fixed responsibility. I have been assigned as backup of the entire team without any system to my name after my systems decomm this year I would be nowhere
- Weekend works. Tough to not be able to make plans on weekends. Esp now that my kids are going to school.

I've started my active search for new job. Let's see where this takes me. I'm hoping for the best. Better pay with work life balance. If work from home is allowed it would be jackpot.

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