Hearing Test

October 22, 2015
We had our hearing test schedule today at KK hospital for Mamon

1. Get queue number (there's a machine where you can get your queue number)
2. Wait for reception auntie to call you. They will confirm your details plus inform you of the cost (I think making sure you got money to pay lol)
3. Wait for nurse to call you for audio test (wait was about 10 minutes).
4. The hearing test was fairly simple. We were escorted to a sound proof room (I had weird ear issue in the room.. too quiet?), then an earpiece was put to Mamon ears (one at a time). The nurse asked us to show Mamon video on mute. Then after both ears are tested, the nurse told us to show Mamon video with sound then she put in something I think to measure pressure on the ears one at a time.
5. Then we waited for our turn for the doctor. No issue with his ears. (Thank God!)
6. Then we waited for our turn in the cashier.

Everything in took around an hour.

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