First 2 weeks of school

November 17, 2015

Mamon started school 2 weeks ago. And it's been pretty eventful.

There was no drama. No crying. At least not from Mamon. Well. I did cry. I was afraid of leaving him. Afraid of losing control. I came to visit him again at lunch time but the teachers made sure he didn't see me. Imagine my horror when I saw his face with deep scratches when I picked him up at 5pm. I was in tears of anger, of pity.

Another wrote noticing is that the school didn't use his milk bottles properly instead of using one per milking they used one for the entire day and they didn't use the distilled water that I sent.

Upon the advise of my colleagues who have children in daycare too. I wrote formal complaint to the principal with evidences. The principal said she will arrange a discussion between me and the auntie who caused Mamon's injuries.

I had a meeting with the principal and the auntie who "accidentally scratched my son's forehead and cheeks". I was totally angry with her comments
1. my son is violent - now when did Mamon start being violent (at least not before he came to this school)
2. my son hates water - the F! he loves water. he loves shower.
i got even more angry when the principal said:
1. the school isn't trained to handle autistic children. i didn't force Mamon to the school. In fact I told them very clearly of his situation. they could have rejected him from the beginning.
2. my son scratched the auntie first. okay.. so what? does that mean a mature adult would hit back?
In the end, we had a compromise.
1. the auntie apologized
2. the auntie assured me this will not happen again
3. the principal agreed to 2 weeks monitoring. if things go wrong again we can pull out. they will refund next month's tuition which we have already paid for.

I had to go back to work so the maid went to pick him up. I was happy that the teacher noted he managed to sit down and listen to some part of the class.

I got alarmed with the note that he pooped on his pants (maybe normal for kids but alarming just the same). And when I checked his stuff, I noticed only 1 portion of the milk was used. Minimally should use 2. And water was unused as well.

It turned out they fed him with the wrong milk (his classmates') casing him to poop a lot because he's lactose intolerant.

He came home with runny nose and slight fever. Teacher says he got it from other kids who were recovering. :(

Week 2

1 holiday, 2 days we were out due to fever. 

Week 3

We were out for 4 days as Mamon was hospitalized. 😒

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