January 13, 2016
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My youngest baby, Paopao, is sick. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. :(  I can't take the crying .. he's hurting but we can't help. So sad.

We went to local GP today. Many people like to take MC in the morning so we waited a good 1 hour 45 minutes to get the damn referral letter to be able to talk to pedia. Because Pedia is a specialist and insurance won't pay with GP referral.... I don't get it... but that's just how it is.

We were referred to KK. I asked if we can go to TMC, the GP says then she won't give referral. What?

So we went to KK. Wow. This is my 2nd time in the emergency. First time was a few years ago and it was a horrible experience. This time was just as bad. There were so many people. 
1. get a queue number
2. triage. whatever that means. we talked to a nurse. i dunno what she did.
3. wait to register ... and... tadaaaaaa. PAY? seriously? i have not seen a doctor and i need to pay now? like i'm gonna run?
4. wait... wait.... wait.... wait.. where are the hospital staff? these are all waiting patients. there's a noisy announcements which we can barely understand because of the accent and pronunciation differences, not to mention the noisy background. it was chaotic. 

Finally, we managed to get to a Filipino nurse. Who graciously helped us to ask cashier to void our payment so we can move to TMC. because paopao was already screaming. he was in pain and bored. totally lethal combination.

In 5 minutes we got the void receipt. Thank you. Now we are talking about efficiency.

We arrived in TMC. Dr Ang's ever reliable clinic staff accommodated us as part of the morning patients. Thank you. They gave Paopao suppository to lower his fever. Immediately gave us forms to go to Xray and blood test.

We were done with blood test and Xray. Gosh. I have to say TMC is really good.

Results were out.

Managed to talk to Dr Ang. She gave us the option to admit Paopao or to take him home. Anyway, he has pneumonia and needs antibiotics which she already prescribed. Of course I opted to go home. We will just come back for another round of test on Saturday.

Paid around $200++ in TMC against the earlier charged $108 in KK. 

I'm not going back to KK. $100 difference. But my kid will suffer longer. Service is just not good there! Imagine if he gets admitted to such a chaotic environment.

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