Soong Joon Ki

I didn't know him prior to Descendants of the Sun. I watched the show primarily for Song Hye Kyo. But. I'm watching it now because of him. Don't get me wrong. SHK is amazing. I don't think the show would be as interesting if not for her. But SJK is just so handsome in this show. In fact, I didn't find him attractive in his old photos. He should give a good bonus to this show's stylist. Daebak job!

His role is just every woman's dream guy. It's a combination of handsome, cool, rugged, dangerous, funny, charming, in control, strong, smart, leader. It's like Jun Pyo with Do Min Jo in one. :) His flirtacious but maintains cool and charm without looking like a player. Hmm.. Just enough to make a girl fall in love. Lol. Been a while since the last time a Korean drama made us fall in love with a character.

I have to say KUDOS to the team. The beautiful OST made it all the more amazing. :) I'm a fan and I'm torn between wanting everyday to be Wednesday and Thursday yet at the same time not wanting it to end yet. Should they speed up or delay a bit. I can't decide. 

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