Tokyo 2016 - Day 1

April 02, 2016
Trip starts in Singapore going Manila then Narita

From SIN we took Singapore Airlines to Manila. Fantastic service! The website was awesome. Couldn't be any easier doing webcheckin. Take note they allowed me to checkin with my infant. This is a no-no for CebuPac. 

The ground crew was amazing. They kept reminding me I got bassinet reserved. I told them I don't need. But the thoughtfulness of being offered is much appreciated. 

We were the first on board too! And the flight attendant actually held my sons hand and guided him to our seat. They took turns coming to our seat throughout the flight smiling, talking and playing with my sons. They gave them color books and crayons, a pencil bag and dinosaur stuffed toy. 

Over at dinner they gave 3 bottles of gerber for my Paopao and a kids meal for Mamon. They were the first to be served. 

Too much sweetness! The chair was very comfy. The chair and the pillows were very comfortable. The flight was on time.

Our luggages were waiting for us when we landed. Everything was perfect

Until we landed and had to find the transfer desk of CebuPac at the NAIA 3. It was. Unmanned for a long time. Wheb 2 staff came, there were already a lot of people that are missing their flights because of the missing personnel. 

When it came to our turn they said we need to exit first and go to departure. Sounded easy. Sure why not.

Then damn! The cebupac queue downstairs said they dont open till 1am and it was only 11pm. There goes our plan to relax at the lounge.

Spent PHP for coffee just to be able to have a decent place to sit while waiting for 1am.

1am came. They didnt open till 130am. We were the first in the queue but barcode was not working. Ground crew was busy flirting with each other. It took forever!

Then came the news. Gotta pay P1620 travel tax each. Even if you are transit passenger. There's an exit very nearby but Cebupac insist we go one round to reach the travel tax counter.

Off to counter, i asked if really i have to pay. Staff say please queue at line 1. There are 3 line 1. 🙄
Finally  an auntie came and helped us. Transit passengers are those using the same airline. Wtf! Ok fine. I'm Singapore PR, my kids are young, my maid has OEC. Gotta count right.

Yeah! PR pay only p200. Fdw with oed goes free. Kids must pay half. 😑😑😑

Okay goodbye money.

With 2-2.5hrs left we decided to head on to the skyview lounge. Its not that big but at least its comfy. We got to eat. We got to clean our baby bottles. I got to bath! They all got to sleep while I'm here half blogging and half all eyes to our stuff. This is after all the Philippines!

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