FDW TB Scare

August 29, 2016
P2-3 months back: Every Sunday, she would come home with swollen eyes. We figured it was because of some allergy. It would come off after few days.

A month ago: She came home with really swollen eyes and difficulty with breathing. I brought her to GP and during that time she complained she was coughing (although I never really heard her cough).

Saturday: The haze was pretty bad on Friday and Saturday. And Saturday night I heard her coughing pretty bad.

Sunday Night: She suddenly complained of cough and said she's coughing blood. I couldn't believe it at first and thought its just the haze. I told her to take picture next time it happens and geez it was fresh blood. I didn't think it was serious because if it was then why did she not inform us immediately. In fact, she still went out and had her off day.

Monday: My hubby brought her to the GP this morning at 9am. We were referred to Poly for Xray. I had to take over because my hubby had to pick up my son from play school. I took over and brought her to Poly at 1130am then we managed to get the result by 2:30pm, so we went back to GP.

Findings: the heart is not enlarged There are patchy consolidations in right upper-mid and left mid zones. 

Comments: Findings are compatible with chest infection. Followup chest radiograph after appropriate treatment is suggested.

We thought it was fine. We went back to GP, was told that "rule out TB". I really thought means eliminate. But I guess the doctor used the wrong phrase. She said it could be TB then gave us referral to Tan Tock Seng.

I had to decide whether to go with her or ask my hubby. My other son was arriving from school.  And I knew that it will be a long process.  I was scared to send my hubby as he hates waits and not very familiar with paper works but I had to decide between my kids and worrying about him.

I decided to send him to bring our helper to the hospital.

They had done ECG and blood test. It's been about 6 hours. And not yet done.

The waiting game is very difficult.

If she turns positive it will be tough. Very tough.

1. She's like family. It's sad to send her back. And pity to send her back
2. We have been exposed. So we have to go through the process. And why do I suddenly feel sick? Is it paranoia? What if the kids were infected? What if I was infected? Who's gonna take care of the kids if I get sick?
3. Who's gonna take care of the kids? It's gonna be tough getting a maid and trusting her with my kids. Esp Mamon being special.
4. Expenses. It appears that TB is not covered by her insurance.

She had to stay over night at the hospital A&E. The cost is not yet determined. Hospital says they will send the bill.

We were referred to TBCU.

Tuesday: I fetched her from TTSH and brought her to the nearby TBCU where another round of tests were done. We had chance to talk to the doctor and see how she is doing or if she really is positive.

She was give medicine and asked to go to poly every day for 2 weeks.

Total Cost: ~$400 (excluding the leaves that we took plus the taxi to and from the GP, Poly and Hospital)

She will be back on Friday for another round of consultation.

I asked the nurse what will happen to our family and was told to just wait for the MOH mail. That if we want to be proactive we can but we have to pay for it ourselves.

Wednesday: I brought the kids to Thomson medical for proactive check. Skin test and blood test was done for a good $800!

My boys kept crying and crushed my heart.

When we got home I asked the maid to check her skin test and it looks positive.


Color Me Bright said...

What happened to your fdw in the end? Did MOM revoke her permit?

Color Me Bright said...
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Piggy said...

Hi Color Me Bright, yah. She had to go home.

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