On the way to the airport

October 03, 2016

My relationship with this drama is the same as Soo Yah to Doon Woo. When I first saw the posters I wasn't interested. I always thought that Ha Neul is boring.  But having not much on Wed-Thu slot, I watched the first episode. I was bored to death. Gosh they have kids and all. I also thought the guy looked old and boring. I didn't understand why you would send your minor kid to study overseas. I skipped Episode 2. Determined to drop the show. 

I went to Dramabeans... as I always read their reviews. Wow. Episode 3 review gave me new perspective on the show. I rewatched from Episode 1. I'm hooked. I realized it's a very interesting show. I read forums. I'm surprised not many can pickup that the friend is cheating with her hubby. With that I have hopes for their romance. :)

Even the music is so sad.. just finished watching Episode 5 at 4am... now can we skip the day and be 4am again tomorrow?

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