Kallang Wave Mall

December 27, 2016
We have found our new favorite mall in Singapore... Kallang Wave Mall!

We took bus 70M on our way to the mall.. the wait for the bus was terrible! 24 minutes of wait for us is a loooong time. My kids are not the most patient kids in the world... we will have to think about a better transport to the mall.

Paopao had so much fun running while following the different colored tracks! And I had fun watching him have so much freedom!

It was almost lunch time when we arrived at the mall so we decided to head on for lunch first. We walked around the 1st floor to find a place to eat before deciding to go to Poulet.

It was a great decision because the food was very good! My kids and I loved the buttered rice as well as the roast chicken! We also got Paopao his fries and vanilla ice cream! Total Bill ~$40

After lunch, we went to Fairprice to buy some tidbits and drinks to bring with us to the water playground. We wanted to play and ride the dino but there were no available dino. 

The lockers are FREE! I love freebies!

My helper was not allowed in the lazy river as she was wearing denim shorts. So it was just me. I wasn't allowed to carry two kids so I had to make them take turns. Which actually was not bad as I got to bond with each kid.

The kids  had so much fun at the water area. I liked it better than the other places because after playing in all those fountains finally someone put in toddler pool!

Splash n Surf! We will be back!!! On a better time where it would be less hot with sunscreen! :D

The stadium was opened so the kids had fun running around and I had fun taking their pictures. It was our first time their and personally I felt it was sooo powerful. Loved it.

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