National Museum

January 30, 2017
I've been in Singapore for 10 years now, yet, I'm still so amazed at how amazing this country is. In fact, I found it more amazing after I had kids. It should be voted as the most child friendly place in the world.

We planned a day at the Istana but the queue was very long. There was a special lane for families with kids but it was still quite long. The queue was almost at the MacDonald house. And my kids are not very good in waiting... (kidarigo kidarigo) So instead we decided to take a walk to the nearby National Museum.

I was beginning to regret it as Paopao was super hyperactive and was running around. And my heart almost stopped when he ran below this exhibit. Oh my God!

A few glaring eyes and gentle reminders, he decided to calm down and walk slowly with us. He was super amazed with this ship.

He was not yet into paintings. But personally, I was really fascinated with the exhibit this round.

The boys were more interested in inspecting the artifacts like the bells. While I was in constant guard to make sure they don't touch or break anything. My heart my heart. Haha.

This wall design took Mamon's heart. We had a few good pictures here. :D

I wasn't aware of this event but was eager to try out anything new. Not many people were going inside so there was really no expectation with Story of the Forest.

And as they say, having no expectation is the best. The moment we entered.... Boom! I was amazed! Beyond words. National Museum you have outdone yourself this time. This is the BEST! Okay, to be honest one of us was not amused. Mamon got very scared because of the darkness and the sounds. And there were too many movements for him. But all of us were soooooo amazed. We quickly took out Mamon and I had to go back for a me-time! My gosh! Amazing. I wish I could have laid there and stayed longer!

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