January 08, 2017

It was a great decision because the food was very good! My kids and I loved the buttered rice as well as the roast chicken! We also got Paopao his fries and vanilla ice cream! 

Number of Pax: 2 adults, 2 toddlers
Order: Fries, 3 rice, 1/2 roast chicken, 1 vanilla ice cream
Total Cost : ~ $40
Official Page: http://poulet.com.sg
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
Tel: (+65) 6702 7342

Verdict (1 lowest, 5 highest)
Service : 3 (the staff are not friendly but not rude. just come and go.. lol. Food was serviced in a decent amount of time, no waiting required as there wasn't many patrons at the time) 
Taste : 4
Cost : 3 

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